Case study: Virtual onboarding success drops employee turnover

Virtual onboarding success drops employee turnover

Case Studies

Our customer, an eCommerce leader, was struggling with both poor attendance and high turnover in their non-specialized warehouse jobs. Their main concern was new hires and their first five days onsite. We decided to direct our focus on its onboarding process, launching a pilot program over the holiday season. 

As they started their new job, many new hires reported not feeling ready or prepared. To see how we could address the issue, we launched a four-week pilot program over peak hiring season. This virtual onboarding solution was developed to give associates a better idea of what to expect on Day 1. Designed to be completed online and at home, the voluntary training mimicked what associates would eventually receive on site, covering the basics of their role, the site, and the company’s mission. However, the training also focused on the long-term opportunities our customer offered, highlighting future career paths available to associates.

Associates were paid for the time spent completing the online training, and once they arrived on site, they would also go through the traditional in-person training. After completing four classes in this pilot program and seeing its success, our team is already looking ahead to evolve the virtual onboarding to include safety guidelines and more.


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