How Adecco market data helped our client find talent for hard-to-fill positions.

Case Study: Providing data our competitors couldn’t for quality talent.

Case Studies

Despite our client’s success in the healthcare industry, they were having difficulties with their current staffing partners. These partners weren’t able to recruit for the hard-to-fill positions and couldn’t deliver the high-caliber quality of candidates that they were promising. That’s when we stepped in to help.

A Collaborative Approach

We worked closely with our client to identify their staffing challenges and what they were looking for in a staffing program. From this analysis, we went straight to work to achieve the following:

  • Implement new processes to improve associate experience and work environment efficiencies
  • Use a boots-on-the-ground recruitment strategy which allowed us to make integral connections within the community
  • Educate the client on local market data and labor trends
  • Ensure compliance for partners and associates

The Results

Through our customized staffing program, significant results were realized:

  • A referral bonus initiative resulted in 75% more people getting hired
  • Robust reporting allowed the client to better understand the market and what associates were looking for in a job
  • Hired 150 permanent positions
  • Institution of 2 timeclocks and daily check-ins improved internal processes
  • Within 6 months, we surpassed the client’s primary vendor and by close of year, we’re now the sole vendor of their contingent workforce

Today, our client continues to be at the top of their industry – with us by their side. For more information on how we can optimize your workforce management program – from recruiting, retention, reporting, and beyond – please contact your Adecco representative today.