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Case Study: Adecco Search Provides a Permanent Hiring Solution for the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

How we placed 30+ senior-level CNC Machinists as permanent hires for our existing temporary staffing client.

Case Studies

Our client is well-known in the aerospace manufacturing sector and had already been using our temporary staffing services for more than 15 years. It wasn’t until last year when a number of senior CNC Machinists were retiring that our client realized they needed help developing a permanent workforce seamlessly and efficiently. After all, these tenured associates’ final days of employment were fast approaching and it wasn’t easy to find candidates with similar experience who lived nearby, let alone in the same state.

We conducted an appraisal of our client’s needs to determine a winning solution, and decided Adecco Search would fit the bill. Through a customized recruiting and onboarding process, we were able to:

  • Relocate 30+ CNC Machinist, manager, and engineer-level out-of-state candidates to our clients’ area
  • Provide our candidates everything they would need to ensure a seamless relocation beyond a sign-on bonus – from virtual home tours, to mock budgets, to helpful community resources
  • Supplement our client’s 15+ year temporary staffing partnership to include permanent, mid-level talent hiring through Adecco Search

Here are other unique benefits of Adecco Search:

  • Every Adecco Search solution comes with a dedicated, specialized team of Search Consultants who have close connections across deep talent pools
  • You’ll receive the best of both worlds with the flexible service of a boutique firm, combined with the reach, resources, and financial stability of a Fortune Global 500 company
  • If you’re seeking an exclusive level of prioritization and resources, engaged and retained partnerships can be customized to your unique requirements
  • Whatever education, experience, and skills you require, we’ll find a resume to match your needs and a person to fit your culture
  • This isn’t one-size-fits all. Our dedicated Search Consultants are specialized—by both profession and skill set—to customize your search and provide talent options
  • We’re currently focused on three niches or verticals, Manufacturing, Production and Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics, and Commercial Real Estate and Construction. This allows us to build teams comprised of the most knowledgeable, seasoned, and specialized professionals in the Search space
  • With our proven interview and hiring process, you reduce your time-to-hire, increase your quality of hire, and experience a 400% higher success rate compared to traditional processes

Today, our client is prepared for their tenured employees to transition into retirement—with our permanent talent solution helping backfill their roles. If you’re interested in learning how Adecco Search can place permanent, mid-level talent, contact us.