Case Study: Analytics Add Up

Increased pay = more applicants + greater fill rate + less turnover

Case Studies

Our client, an iconic brand of athletic apparel, realized a remarkable 70% increase in fill rate within just one month of raising pay by 50%.

Problem: Mediocre Fill Rates

There was a struggle to fill requests for warehouse positions such as Material Handler and PMV Operator (forklift driver). Competition was high and applicant rates were decreasing. This led to vacant roles, losses in productivity, and growing talent acquisition costs.

Solution: Deep Dive into Data

Using our proprietary data warehouse—comprised of $3.5 billion in annual spend—a competitive analysis and local market report determined that the client’s hourly pay rates weren’t so competitive. After offering an analytics overview of the current state and an impact assessment, we recommended the following competitive pay increase:

Previous rate
$11.00/hour for both positions

New rates
$15.00/hour for Material Handler
$16.50/hour for PMV Operator


After just four weeks of implementing the new pay rates, the client saw significant gains:

  • 261% rise in applicants
  • 136% increase in assignment starts
  • 130% fill rate (up from 60%)
  • 50% reduction in early turnover
  • Protecting productivity losses of approximately $700/day per worker

Combined, these figures far offset the cost of increasing pay and have positioned the client ahead of local competition in the race for talent.

Over the course of 6 months, our customer has seen continued Return on Investment (ROI) from the pay rate increase. Due to this change, turnover has declined from 27% to 22%, which is the lowest to date.


Every day, we are monitoring economic developments and analyzing the labor market—ensuring every client maximizes their chances for success.

Now it’s your turn. Contact us and tell us about your staffing needs.

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