Case Study: Banking on Increased Efficiencies



Our customer, a leader in the banking industry, faced a significant service gap as a result of their offshore lockbox services provider closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To avoid business disruption, we needed to immediately recruit and onboard remote associates to replace positions held by the previous provider.  

Our Approach: 

We developed an innovative recruitment process by implementing new hiring tools and creating an employee referral program. As a result, the hiring timeline was expedited to meet a 6-week ramp expectation.  

This solution was a customer-specific, high-volume recruitment strategy to meet our customer’s needs and fill all open roles. Adecco created a lasting impact on client’s business structure through impeccable delivery and strategic partnership.  

Banking on Increased Efficiencies

Every day, we are monitoring economic developments and analyzing the labor market—ensuring every client maximizes their chances for success.

Now it’s your turn. Contact us and tell us about your staffing needs.

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