Coast-to-Coast Contact Tracing Fulfillment



Our customers across the U.S. in various lines of businesses, needed a high volume of contact tracing roles rapidly filled due to the outbreak of COVID-19. These specialty roles can be challenging to fill without a database of qualified candidates. Adecco is the recruiting and hiring leader for contact tracing needs through leveraging innovative technologies, our teams were ready to assist.


Our Approach:

Adecco partnered with local government and communities to support efficient hiring for contact tracing. Throughout the recruitment and hiring process, our team used multiple candidate attraction technologies. We included automated assessment prescreening and candidate matching to efficiently place various contact tracing roles across the nation. To accomplish Community Based Organization (CBO) recruiting goals while also utilizing local market talent, we created digital networking strategies to staff contact tracing representatives of the needed demographic. We also leveraged multi-lingual recruiters to place Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Russian bilingual associates where needed. These innovative processes allowed us to successfully fill our customer’s contact tracing needs within a timely manner.  



Every day at Adecco, we consult with our clients and offer solutions to ensure every client maximizes their chances for success.

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