Case Study: Competitive pay rates make for style and substance

Improving fill rates and attendance with regular check-ins

Case Studies

Our customer, a luxury fashion retailer, was facing fulfillment and retention challenges. We identified the issue being both low pay rates and a market saturated with other ramping competitors recruiting for the same talent.

Due to the drastic decrease in candidate attraction and increase in no-show rates, we held daily and weekly performance review calls to analyze the changes in the market.


We presented market data to support the need for higher wages, and as a result, our customer elected to increase pay rates to the 78th percentile. That meant an average increase of $3.00/hour for weekday shifts and $4.00/hour for weekend shifts.

In total, our customer saw a 60% increase in applicants. Learn more about how we can leverage market data to find the right pay for your market – or reach out to us today.

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