Case study: Data drives smarter wages and a stronger outlook

Adecco's staffing experience and market insights bolster applications.
Case Studies

A national grocery brand faced a number of challenges in their workforce. After a lengthy bidding process, we got to work addressing multiple customer services challenges – and focused on one of its northeast locations, where in August alone, their fill rate was 0%.

We identified one primary issue being wage rates, which were set at Maryland’s minimum wage, $11.75 per hour. Our team provided case studies, local and national market data, analysis on wages, and the projected success rates for various approaches we could take. We provided examples of $3, $4, and $5 increases with potential results. Client opted for $4.25 increase.

We were able to impact fulfillment, retention, and overtime hours. While working on programs for them at various different stages, we continue to partner with our client to fill 140 open orders, from interviewing to onboarding associates.


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