Case Study: Exceeding Demand for Contact Tracer Hiring

Adecco provided contact tracers, case investigators and case managers for a statewide contact tracing program in Nevada
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Our client needed a staffing supplier to provide contact tracers, case investigators, and case managers for a statewide contact tracing program in Nevada. Bilingual talent, strategic program governance, and adherence to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were critical to ensuring program success.

Our Approach

We implemented a Master Vendor Program (MVP) to centralize the recruitment process and provide strategic governance. With a two-week timeline to recruit, onboard, and perform background and drug screens, our team used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to ensure we worked as efficiently as possible.

As this was a statewide program, we aligned with our client to ensure that the workforce was representative of the population and demographic. We leveraged bilingual recruiters to source and screen the necessary talent and met our target of 30% Spanish-speaking contact tracers and case investigators. We used digital and grassroots networking strategies to surpass our Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) hires goal of 10%.

Whether your program is local or statewide, needs bilingual candidates or not, we have the necessary tools, technologies and talent in place to help you be successful.

Now it’s your turn. Contact us and tell us about your staffing needs.


Adecco Contact Tracer Case Study

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