Case Study: Game-Winning COVID Swab Fulfillment



The state of New York needed COVID-19 swabbing assistance for a large, high-stakes sporting event quickly in order to ensure the safety of the audience and staff.  

Our Approach:   
Adecco stepped in to tackle COVID-19 swabbing needs quickly by executing rapid project implementation and ensuring safety guidelines. Our teams leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) for screening and appointment setting to place high-quality medical and science talent where needed. As Adecco Medical and Science continues to pave the way for pandemic staffing solutions, we were able to utilize pre-screened and ready-to-go COVID-specialized talent to fill competitor’s gaps and help solve our customer’s needs. Using high touch communication and onsite strategy, we were able to ensure associates were fully prepared and ready to begin work as soon as possible. These strategies allowed us to provide game-winning solutions by rapidly fulfilling our customer’s needs. 

Game-Winning COVID Swab Fulfillment  

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