Global Luxury Fashion Products Retailer Needed a Custom Designed Contingent Labor Program

From everyday fashion enthusiasts to British royalty, this multinational luxury fashion company is loved around the world. When they were struggling to find talent in a highly competitive industry, they turned to us to take their program from design to the runway.

Case Studies

We rolled out the red carpet to provide only the finest solution.

Since our client provides top quality fashion and products, it was only right that they were staffed with top quality talent. They needed a supplier who could improve their talent pool quality for fashion and design positions, and support special industry projects and events. In addition, they needed to execute streamlined implementations for all brand subsidiaries.

Our solution was right on trend.

Our master vendor program (MVP) with onsite support for their main brand, along with flexible onsite support for specialty brands, as needed, was just what they were looking for.
We also provided support for the restructuring of departments for a brand that had been in an extreme state of flux and expansion for 12 months. We developed a strong recruiting presence in the industry/market to attract better quality talent for an assortment of positions such as:

  • Footwear and handbag designer
  • Production coordinator
  • Materials manager
  • Planner
  • Allocations coordinator
  • Art director
  • Executive assistant

A tailored new look.

We matched our client’s quality and creativity to provide seamless implementations across the program within three months. We streamlined their contingent labor processes, reduced spend and assisted with restructuring various departments. We successfully styled their program and achieved the following:

  • Increased headcount from 90 to 160 associates in the first year
  • Averaged three permanent transitions per month
  • Successfully staffed special events and premiers by quickly dedicating an onsite recruiter to partner with our client’s management and establish a recruiting presence in the sample garment industry
  • Supported addition of new subsidiaries and job functions in a highly competitive luxury brand space, surpassing our client’s expectations
  • Placed more than 1,000 associates during our two-year relationship

With this client, our services have extended to include five corporate locations and 25 retail locations, and we recently launched support in Canada.

From New York Fashion Week to seasonal transitions, we’ve kept our client staffed with the highest quality talent.

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