Case Study: Going above (market wages) and beyond for a long-time customer

Adecco uses new incentives to invest in staffing success

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, our long-time customer, an industrial packaging manufacturer, struggled to address abysmal fill rates and employee retention. Our local team identified the main underlying issue: below-market pay rates. At $12.50/hour, the low wages meant a stagnant number of associates and high turnover. 
To meet their ramp hiring needs, we wanted to show our customer’s leadership the impact of higher wages within their geographical market. We invested in a $200 weekly bonus. Through referrals and grassroots recruitment, we began to see a change. Our customer did too and, two weeks later, agreed to a $3.50 hourly increase.
Our team is well on track to meet the customer’s needed headcount, and with this rise in applications, we’ll continue to support them as their staffing goals grow. 


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