Case Study: Having Top-Talent is a Reason to Smile

Case Studies

After laying off more than 95% of their contingent workforce as a result of the pandemic, our customer, an Americandental equipment manufacturer and consumables producer, needed to quickly ramp-up and hire light industrial talent across multiple locations to meet business goals.


Our Approach
Our team of Adecco experts utilized market data to have pay rate discussions with our customer to drivcandidate attraction.This resulted in an increased second and third shift differential by $4. Next, we consulted with our customer on their hiring requirements and shifted from urinalysis to oral drug screenings to deliver rapid results, expedite the onboarding timeline, and reduce candidate fall offThese efforts decreased the return time for drug test results from 3-7 days to 1-2 days. Lastly, we implemented weekly calls to review recruitment funnel updates including submittals, offers, and in-progress background checks to ensure open communication, transparency, and successful strategic planning.


Every day at Adecco, we consult with our clients and offer solutions to ensure every client maximizes their chances for success.

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