How Adecco created a referral-based workforce for a client experiencing high turnover.

Case Study: A five-star associate recruitment, engagement, and retention program.

Case Studies

Our client wanted to be prominent in the cutlery and cooking space, but their staffing efforts weren’t quite up to speed.

Our client was seeking a partner who could address staffing challenges such as ghosting, high turnover, and associate engagement. They were also looking for a partner who they could turn to for thoughtful and strategic operational guidance. With all of this in mind, we created a customized recruiting program and delivered the following:

  • Reduced associate turnover to 10%
  • Recruited a workforce that is now nearly 100% referral-based
  • Provided valuable operational advice when a key leader left the business

Our Custom Program

We were awarded a contract to manage 4 warehouse and customer service associates but knew that we could provide so much more. As a part of our custom program, we initiated the following services to better serve our client and their contingent workforce:

  • Lead supervisor
  • Timeclock
  • Daily check-ins
  • Referral bonuses
  • Associate engagement program
  • Operations and safety regulation guidance

The Custom Results

Throughout our six-year partnership, our client saw the following results:

  • The successful placement of 700+ associates, with an additional 80 associates this past peak season
  • 50% more business their first year, followed by exponential growth during the next six years
  • Improved compliance and controls
  • Improved employee engagement, resulting in 75% of associates being employed with the client for 3 years or longer

Today, we fill over 50% of all contingent labor requests for our client and are considered a pipeline of talent for their new business ventures. We’ve become a valued and trusted partner due to our dedication to the well-being of their contingent workforce and expertise with successful and efficient business processes. For more information about how we can service all of your contingent labor requests, contact us here.

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