Case Study: Looking Ahead with Optimized Pay Rates

Case Studies
cuOur customer, a global leader in luxury and sports eyewear, was facing fulfillment and retention challenges due to low pay rates, the effects of the stimulus package and extended unemployment benefits. Due to the drastic decrease in candidate attraction and increase in no-show rates, we held daily and weekly performance review calls to analyze the changes in the market. We presented market data to support the need for higher wages and as a result, our customer elected to increase the base wage by $2.50. RESULTS WITHIN 72 HOURS: 300% More Interviews Scheduled, 18% Interview Show Rate Increase, 60% Applicant-to-Hire Ratio Decrease, 2X More Daily Starts, 106% Fulfillment Within 2 Weeks of Pay Increase.

Every day at Adecco, we consult with our customers and offer solutions to ensure every client maximizes their chances for success.

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