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Case Study: Loosening Job Requirements Benefits Automobile Manufacturer

Our client is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. A global leader in efficiency and reliability, they’ve managed to utilize strategic direction to dominate the market for more than 60 years.

Case Studies

Struggling to find new talent, our client was ready to take a different road.

They were trying to manage high turnover while facing recruiting challenges resulting from a low unemployment rate and a flat labor force participation rate. With a strong recruiting strategy in place, we were reaching thousands of candidates; however, the pull-through rate was only 0.6% due to stringent hiring requirements. As a result, many orders were backlogged, which created a threat to halt production. The client needed a solution that would help them overcome the challenge of a small talent pool, or they would risk jeopardizing their operation.

We approached our client with directions guaranteed to lead to a successful outcome.

We presented our client with the solution to loosen the hiring requirements for temporary associates. Requirements such as education, physical testing and assessments typically reduce the number of quality candidates, and, as a result, cause delays in production due to the lack of available workforce. With an understanding of how strict requirements were adversely affecting their temporary workforce, our client decided the loosen their hiring requirements. This included:

  • Removing the High School Diploma or GED requirement
  • Reducing criteria around returning associates who struggled in a prior assignment
  • Suspending the required cognitive assessment for seasonal workforce
  • Eliminating the physical capacity test and replacing it with the physical capability observation

By following our roadmap, the client realized an immediate increase in temporary job candidates.

Being adaptable allowed our client to experience a shift in their workforce, and more importantly, demonstrated the positive effect of loosening hiring requirements. Our shared success included the following:

  • Increased average number of orders filled per week from 40 to 107
  • Caught up on backlog one week ahead of schedule
  • Hired over 420 talented associates in four weeks
  • Improved turnover by 40% month over month

Since implementing this new strategy with our client, we have consistently combated recruiting roadblocks within a short period of time.