How we implemented a brand new staffing program for a global client.

Case Study: Transitioning to new staffing services in less than 13 weeks.


Our client is well known and highly regarded in the world of sports. When they needed to deliver the news that they were transitioning two of their facilities – all during the midst of their busiest season – they came to us.

This transition was not going to be easy. The two facilities were under completely different coaching and training programs, and over half of their workers were going to receive a major schedule change.

With a ton of work to be done, we determined our master vendor program (MVP) was the best play. It was important that we came up with both a transition plan for the two facilities, plus an implementation strategy that managed the new facilities – so our MVP was the perfect fit. Here’s what that looked like:

  • First, a tenured project manager worked with our client to agree on the implementation approach
  • Then, we designed and customized an initial project plan, executed our project governance and developed our change management recommendations

The Transition Plan

Over the course of the five-week assignment transition process, including a 30-day notification period and four weeks for worker information sessions and onboarding, the following moves were made:

  • We completed talent mapping to transition more than 400 associates to a new schedule
  • We provided more than 20 onsite colleagues with laptops to quickly process application paperwork for each transitioning worker
  • We created workforce schedules to onboard 10 to 13 associates every 20 minutes during a set two-week period

The Implementation Plan

Over the 12-week implementation period, our client saw the following results:

  • Approximately 97% (1,261) of their workforce was successfully transitioned within weeks
  • Two niche suppliers were added to the program to cover specialized needs
  • From discovery to closeout, there was minimal business disruption during their peak season

Our client was ecstatic about the effectiveness of their new program— and all it really took was our MVP. If you’re interested in learning how Adecco can be implemented in your workforce today, contact us here.

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