How Program Details Create the Big Picture of Fulfillment Success

Our client is an American company that leads the personalized product retail market by bringing memories to life. As an industry leader, they remain at the forefront of innovation – always striving to expand product offerings and improve customer satisfaction. With key locations in the upper Midwest, Southwestern and Southeastern regions of the U.S., they needed a staffing partner that could provide centralized oversight, consistency in service and visibility into metrics across their national program.

Case Studies

Along with a growing consumer base, comes a growing production demand.

With peak season approaching, we needed to expedite implementation of our master vendor program (MVP). This predictable staffing model delivered the solution needed to maximize fulfillment and improve productivity, efficiency and performance.

A dedicated national account director provided support, direction, management and leadership – backed by specialized national account support teams. These teams worked as a cohesive unit, supported our client on a local and national level and provided system-wide service excellence.

Our brick-and-mortar onsite program also offered immediate gratification.

Our onsite program is one of the most practical and productive components of our MVP model. Customizable by industry and client needs, this solution allowed our client to focus on their core competencies while we did what we do best – managed their contingent labor program. Additional benefits provided by the onsite included:

  • Single point of contact
  • Accessible and proactive staff
  • Enhanced program control and visibility
  • Compliance to policies and procedures
  • Financial analysis and reporting
  • Real-time productivity coaching and performance measurement
  • Customized safety program

Our commitment to understanding the requirements of each site enabled us to become a valued extension of our client’s internal team.

These program receipts show the value in the goods we provided.

Driven by our knowledge of labor markets, tenured professionals, and the largest network of talent to fulfill our client’s business needs, we provided the following return on investment:

  • Compressed implementation timeline to eight weeks, to ensure readiness for peak season
  • Created consistency in delivery through strong program leadership
  • Delivered visibility into reporting on qualitative metrics used to drive continuous process improvement initiatives, including labor usage by day, shift and department
  • Supplied thought leadership through wage analysis data that assisted in boosting retention by leveling wages in two of the three key locations
  • Met peak season fulfillment demands for light industrial and call center positions
  • Supplied more than 2,300 associates working across three onsite locations

Client-shared successes:

  • Across the board, in all measures, our program’s first quarter was the most successful Q4 in our client’s history 
  • By meeting headcount ramp requirements, we eliminated both overtime costs and overnight shipping fees
  • Far fewer customers are contacting our client with complaints of late orders, as manufacturing and shipping speeds have increased
  • Our service is “night and day” compared to the prior staffing provider, and based upon faith in our proven leadership, our client knows we are “going to do what we say”

Our quality service and commitment to our clients doesn’t stop at the point of sale.

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