How we placed more than 6,000 workers for our client in 3 months when the competition could not

Case Study: Speedy client placements during the midst of holiday rush.

Case Studies

Our client is one of the most popular distributors in the world, particularly around the holidays. A sharp rise in online shopping that year (33% above the year before) required our client to dramatically increase their headcount – and quickly. If they weren’t able to fulfill orders and meet delivery commitments, they’d be facing stiff penalties.

We conducted an appraisal of our client’s needs to determine a winning solution, and decided our master vendor program (MVP) would fit the bill. Through a customized recruiting and onboarding process, we were able to:

  • Place 6,000 associates at our client’s sites within a 3-month period
  • Scout more than 21,000 candidates that passed pre-screening requirements
  • Schedule more than 15,000 candidates for interviews

Here’s what our customized process through our MVP looked like:

  • Deployed creative marketing efforts to support massive candidate sourcing, including creating an 800 number for our client, developing a customized microsite, conducting live TV broadcasts and launching grassroots campaigns (e.g., yard signs, business cards, flyers, billboards)
  • Engaged our national ramp support team (RST) to complete applicant pre-screening (including a customized questionnaire) and enter candidates into our applicant tracking system
  • Triaged candidates by prioritizing pre-screened candidates vs. walk-ins and pre-populating candidates’ USVerify information, thus streamlining the entire process
  • Identified, screened, trained, tracked and pipelined a pool of candidates, thereby reducing the lag time involved with adding staff to accommodate unexpected volume increases
  • Utilized our automated outbound calling system to send notifications to the candidate pool, reminding them of their start date, and tracked responses via voting options
  • Developed customized training to help pipelined fulfillment center personnel to be productive on day one
  • Closely monitored daily metrics to prepare us for unexpected spikes in volume
  • Streamlined client communications, including conducting daily meetings with all constituents, and communicating all relevant candidate and job information to our client contacts via daily emails

Today, our client is still at the top of the e-commerce market—with us by their side. If you’re interested in learning how Adecco can place workers for your holiday hiring demand, contact us here.

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