Case Study: Ramping up our workforce to meet peak season demands

Adecco reimagines the hiring process from the top down

Case Studies

Our client asked for our help to rapidly increase the number of warehouse associates across 20 locations in 20 different markets. As a multinational leader in e-commerce technologies and operations, it needed to increase its workforce by hundreds. To accomplish this, we addressed every facet of their hiring process from candidate attraction to onboarding.

Because of the current hiring shortage, ensuring competitive pay rates would be critical. To attract more candidates, we presented the client with market analysis on wages and focused on incentivizing their less desirable shifts. Then to drive productivity and attendance, we encouraged them to rethink their overtime rates.

Creating a frictionless experience for job candidates was critical to meeting this hiring goal. We simplified our client’s application process, eliminated drug screening, and reduced background checks. To further decrease time to start, we revamped their onboarding process to allow new associates to start any day of the week.

From the client’s CEO:

“Adecco has been a strategic staffing partner for us for several years now.  In the e-commerce space, our demands can change dramatically in an instant, and Adecco’s ability to be flexible and quickly respond enables us to better serve our clients. Their commitment to our success and our partnership truly makes all the difference.”

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