Case Study: Strategic Recruitment Fueled by SMEs and Tech



Our customer, a leading manufacturer of fueling equipment and technology, needed to quickly ramp up hiring at their largest location due to increased demand and to offset a decline in headcount within their internal staff.


Our Approach

Adecco provided supplemental automotive Subject Matter Expert (SME) recruiters to attract and assess a greater number of candidates and provide second shift coverage. We identified a specific physical job requirement as a point of candidate fall-off within the recruitment funnel, and we worked with our customer to alter qualifications. We leveraged an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot to continuously evaluate candidates through an innovative screening process. Additionally, we leveraged our candidate attraction experts to update job descriptions to bolster Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which resulted in increased job posting application rates.


Every day at Adecco, we consult with our clients and offer solutions to ensure every client maximizes their chances for success.

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