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Case Study: Targeted Hiring Backed by Data

Adecco decreases speed to hire in the medical field
Case Studies


Our client, a major health and human services provider, needed to source and fill permanent roles within their organization. They required a knowledgeable staffing partner with experience hiring medical professionals quickly across multiple locations, including rural areas where talent supply was low. 

Our Approach:

To fill the open roles, we engaged directly with our client’s internal recruiters to better understand the necessary qualifications. We provided highly specialized Subject Matter Expert(SME) knowledge of hiring the healthcare space. This allowed us to optimize the hiring process by performing a rate analysis using Adecco market data for the locations within scope. To ensure prompt communication post-interview for candidates, we created a real-time feedback loop to quickly provide hiring decision results.

The key actions executed by our team elevated the hiring process to ensure our client hired high-quality healthcare talent quickly. 



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