Our Centralized Solution Delivers a Significant Return on Investment

Our client of more than 15 years counts on us to be flexible in our approach to managing their account. As a global financial institution, they not only require near real-time access to bankable talent, but they rely on us to be their human resource advisor—a trusted partner who knows their business inside and out.

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A consultative partner shouldn’t be a rare commodity.

When serving as a preferred supplier under a managed service provider (MSP), there are two buyers we must provide measurable returns to—the MSP and the client. As such, when the program needs evolved, we diversified our strategy. Based on our in- depth knowledge of our client’s culture and staffing needs, we launched a pilot program which reallocated our assets, centralized our delivery strategy and offered a higher-yield solution. This pilot was launched in tandem with the existing program led by our field team. For three months, we compared all deliverable metrics side-by-side and the results confirmed that the new strategy was more effective.

Our service delivery center (SDC)—a highly effective, centralized delivery team—improved efficiencies and delivered higher-quality candidates. The ‘lift and shift’ of the service model was completed within a six-month period. This strategy offered the following paybacks to the client and MSP:

  • A dedicated account management team to act as the main point of contact for all program managers and associates
  • Geographically and vertically aligned recruiters, skilled at securing top financial talent from a national bank of candidates
  • Centralized oversight of best practices, continuous improvement opportunities and critical analysis reporting through a broadened operating perspective

The dedicated account team and recruiters function as a full-service delivery solution—handling everything from recruiting and screening, to ongoing associate care and retention. Our extensive branch network and field teams continue to support the program when an immediate, in-market presence is required.

Our centralized model provides long-term gains.

This highly-scalable solution earned dividends and paid off in positive client results. They now consider us a strong strategic partner and expanded our support to include the fulfillment of high-level professional positions.

Additional accomplishments include:

  • Ranked #1 supplier by headcount and market share
  • Ranked #1 supplier on the compliance supplier leaderboard - vital to banking and financial institutions as they are required to meet all regulatory and audit requirements
  • Achieved “Green Scorecard” ratings for the last four consecutive quarters with an average score of 96%. Green Scorecards are only awarded to suppliers who receive a scorecard rating of 90% or higher on:
    • Performance and financial management
    • Turnover and attrition
    • Number of candidates submitted, candidates submitted to hire ratio and time to submit ratio

When it comes to staffing, our solutions are investments you can bank on.

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