Deadlines and overworked employees

Manage your deadlines without overworking your employees by hiring temporary workers.


Your employees have been spending late nights at the office and most weekends at their desk. With a big deadline looming, everyone is working at max capacity, and there are many to-do items that still need to be done. You have noticed that employee morale is slipping, and you know that you need to do something quickly to get the situation back on the right track. Many business owners find that hiring temporary employees to meet deadlines is an affordable option that ensures their projects are completed on time and within budget.

Quicker than you think.

Since it can take weeks to bring on a full-time employee or find a consultant on your own, many managers assume that getting a contingent employee in the office can be a lengthy process. But in fact, the effective ordering and service delivery management provided by staffing firms often means that your new worker will be a productive member of your team within a few days (or even sometimes sooner) of placing the order.

Since staffing agencies have access to highly skilled employees, you can find an employee who is already trained in the skills and software that you need. This reduces training time and allows your team to meet your deadlines by creating a quality product. And with staffing agencies having access to the best in the business, you can quickly find an employee who is a fit for your current team dynamics, which is especially important during crunch time.

You no longer have the risk associated with hiring the wrong full-time employee, which can be costly and frustrating for all involved. Additionally, if your skillset needs change during the life cycle of the project, you can also quickly identify another temporary employee for the tasks needed.

And less expensive than you imagine.

When a temporary employee is suggested, many managers often mistakenly see lots of dollar signs and budget overages. But this notion is typically incorrect and in many cases using contingent labor can help reduce costs to ensure that your project comes in under budget. If you need multiple contingent employees, you will receive a volume discount resulting in a reduced cost per billable hour.

Many businesses find significant savings through the demand management provided by staffing agencies for contingent employees. One of the ways is through the requisition processing phase, which includes authorization approvals, length of assignment management, sign-off levels, immediate exception reporting, and assignment analysis. Proper skill matching also reduces over- and under-ordering of associates by matching skills to each client’s requirements. Unit order volume management also eliminates planning and utilization guessing by matching actual labor hours to orders placed and hours projected.

Another way that many businesses use contingent employees to reduce expenses is by hiring the employee for a 37.5 hour workweek, which is not typically possible with a staff employee. This measure alone can result in a 6.25 percent cost savings. With a contingent employee, you can also reduce lost productivity by not hiring them for low productivity days, such as the day before a holiday or when their portion of the project is out for review.

Fewer overworked employees = increased employee satisfaction.

One of your most important assets is your employees. And if they are not satisfied with their work environment and work/life balance then many will find other positions, which results in expensive turnover costs. By bringing in additional help, your employees will be able to focus on their core tasks and reduce excessive overtime. Hiring continent employees will help you complete your project within your budget, on time and at the quality levels your customers deserve. And hopefully, help you and your employees get home in time for dinner.

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