Disability Work Program


Everyone has abilities. We make sure they also have opportunities. Every day, we help people with disabilities find opportunities that emphasize their unique skills.

At Adecco, we enrich and strengthen the communities in which we live and do business through corporate responsibility – and one way we achieve this goal is by helping people with disabilities find meaningful employment.

We prepare our staff to recruit people with disabilities as well as provide training for people with disabilities to increase their employability, including hosting our Disability Mentoring Day. In addition, we give our clients guidance on how to welcome someone with a specific disability onto their team and prepare the working environment as needed.

Why does accessibility matter to businesses?

Improving accessibility opens up more opportunities for job seekers, businesses and the economy overall. For individuals, it provides a source of income, pride and stability. For companies, it allows them to tap into more talented people and ideas. And for the economy, it can help reduce unemployment and poverty. 

Disability partnerships

The Adecco Group Diversity Business Councils also builds partnerships with various organizations. For example, we proudly partner with the Hellen Keller Foundation, giving internship opportunities to their members in our call center and billing departments. Additionally, we maintain a longstanding partnership with Abilities, Inc., and have served as a member of their Business Advisory Council for more than 20 years. We also participate in mock interviews, help members prepare for job searches and provide job shadowing opportunities. 

Other partnerships include:

We’re helping to build a workplace of diversity and inclusion – where people are recognized for their abilities and career goals have no limitations. If you are interested in learning more,contact us today.

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