Creating an engaging environment for administrative professionals

Adecco USA addresses the challenge of creating and nurturing motivation and employee engagement for those working as administrative professionals.


According to a recent study from Gallup, "30% of the American workforce is engaged in their work … meaning that the vast majority (70%) of U.S. workers are not reaching their full potential." One of the biggest challenges facing employers today is maintaining employee engagement.

This is a learned skill that is achieved most effectively when employees 1) understand where they fit in the “big picture” of the organization and 2) understand their role and expectations. These two areas take time to cultivate for an employee, and a strong work environment will look to present numerous opportunities for additional professional development.

When it comes to administrative roles, engagement can be an even more difficult task for many employers. Commonly, many admin professionals have a more difficult time visualizing their role in the bigger picture of the organization, and it can be challenging for these employees to feel that they are developing professionally unless they are offered variation, authority, and opportunities.

Making the most of administrative professionals

Employers who hope to engage their admin professionals and strengthen these roles in their companies should work to build a pool of resources and enough room for growth for these individuals.

  • Many administrative professional organizations and networks exist on a local level. Seek out chapters of IAAP (Leading Administrative Professionals) or ASAP (American Society of Administrative Professionals) and send your administrative professionals to one of their upcoming events.
  • Ensure that your administrative professionals are certified - it is an important part of their professional development and career path. Paying for their certification shows you are investing in their careers.
  • Compensate course costs for your administrative professionals to bolster their skill sets. Many online courses are available and offer a wide variety of subjects that will add to the capabilities and development of an administrative role significantly.
  • Ensure that the administrative professional within your company is given room to exercise the authority attached to their role. Allow them to share important updates for the team in a presentation setting, for example. Showcasing the importance of the work that your admin role or team does is critical to ensuring that they understand their value within the company.
  • Give your admin professional the “keys” to defining the company culture. Entrust them with the vision of the culture and let them hold others accountable. Allow them to look for creative ways to express the company culture or organize team events that underscore company principles.
  • Be vocal and open minded about career growth and opportunities. Many administrative professionals have a unique position with a company because there is much less “promotional” opportunity. While your admin professional may hold the same title, show them that promotions come in different forms and incentivize creativity, role expansion, and hard work with bonuses or benefits.
  • Admin roles can be some of the toughest to fill long-term, but they are also critical to the consistency and structure of a strong company. By supporting the professional development of your admin roles, you’ll ensure greater engagement and greater results.

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