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Looking for talent?

In order to fulfill your business goals, you need to fill your workforce with the right people. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done.

But not when you work with Adecco. We maintain the largest pool of pre-qualified, pre-screened talent anywhere, enabling us to fill your critical positions with the right candidate, with the right skills and experience, right away.

In addition, the recruiters in our nationwide network of offices know their local job markets inside and out —and they know where to look for the best talent in your area and around the country.

Our staffing services are also flexible, so you can pick the one that works for your timeframe and your budget. The solutions we offer include:

Temporary staffing services

Whether you have a pressing project, are experiencing high turnover or just need to get ready for your busy season, our temporary staffing services can give you the people you need to get the job done.

We pride ourselves on a very thorough talent sourcing and vetting process. In order to uphold that standard, Adecco provides several screening services to you at no additional charge. These include:

  • Automated applications
  • Personal interviews
  • Skills and aptitude testing (via Adecco Xpert)
  • Employer reference check
  • E-Verify (social security and employment eligibility verification)

For added peace of mind, we can also perform drug checks and background screens, at your request.

Additionally, all recruited, qualified, and placed Adecco temporary associates can enroll in our group benefits, which include preventative medical coverage, dental insurance, and a 401(k) program.

We also offer our associates the opportunity to build their skills while on the job. Through our robust online training platform, SkillBuilder, we offer a myriad of training modules that allow our associates to enhance their skill sets. By giving our temporary and contingent workers access to these benefits, we ensure that they are satisfied in their jobs, which minimizes turnover. Our SkillBuilder program is just one example of the retention programs designed to bolster a strong working relationship with our associates, show our appreciation for their performance and contributions, demonstrate their importance to our organization and reinforce the benefits of working for Adecco.

Temp-to-hire staffing services

When you know you need long-term talent but aren't ready to add to your long-term budget, our temp-to-hire staffing solutions provide the best of both worlds. You get to see our associates in action and ensure they have the right skills and character traits for your job and your culture before extending a full-time offer. And when you do hire these talented associates, you won’t have to worry about getting them up to speed.

We also set clear expectations with our candidates by communicating which positions may transition to permanent opportunities down the road. This enables us to match the appropriate candidate to the right assignment.

Direct Placement staffing services

Adecco's dedicated direct placement team can connect you to the best permanent talent and help protect you from the high cost of a bad hire.

Payrolling Services

Our payrolling services save our clients the time and expense associated with onboarding and offboarding personnel. We just need to know pay rates, schedules and work hours, and we’ll be able to do the rest including conducting all pre-employment requirements, time tracking, issuing paychecks and more.

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