Adecco optimizes a global workforce management program

Case Studies

A worldwide leader in Internet networking approached us to begin a recruitment partnership in the U.S., at a local level.

However, it soon became clear that the client—whose mission is to develop solutions for individuals, companies and entire countries to become more connected and productive—needed our help on a larger scale.

With approximately 1,500 temporary staff augmentation personnel and consultants in a variety of national and global locations, this organization urgently needed to find more effective and centralized methods of workforce management. They were working without supervision of their spend and their service level agreements (SLA), receiving inconsistent service delivery, paying a high cost for non-employee engagement, and exposed to high levels of risk due to non-compliant vendors.

By 2007, our partnership had evolved into a multifaceted and highly effective worldwide workforce management program. Here’s how.

So, how do you manage a global workforce?

The first step was to establish a dedicated account management and corporate sponsorship team to manage recruitment and workforce solutions globally. From there, MSP providers were selected in the U.S., Canada, India, China and 14 countries in EMEA. In addition, we worked as the client’s direct workforce solutions provider in APAC, LATAM and all other countries not in the MSP scope. We also became their global payroll and intern service provider.

To achieve greater consistency and compliance, we created global standards for their entire contingent hiring processes, helping them mitigate misclassification/co-employment risks.

Finally, to further enable a seamless transition of the client’s HR processes, we launched an extensive communication strategy. This included a rollout to the client’s end-user audience via road shows, best practice summits, conference calls, client Intranet user guides and department meetings. We also provided guidance to managers regarding the SOW business and partnered with our Adecco specialty lines of business to successfully execute large-scale SOW projects. These communications efforts also helped the client achieve a significant increase in the use of appropriately classified workers.

The result: a recruitment program that’s more effective across the board—and across the globe.

Today, our team manages recruitment and workforce solutions for this client in 40 countries in North America, EMEA, APAC and Latin America. We also provide dedicated recruitment and service delivery in the U.S., U.K., Australia, India, New Zealand, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Over the years, our model has evolved and scaled to accommodate the client’s MSP initiatives.

Through a more effective account management program, the client has experienced:

  1. Improved response time and fill rates
  2. Enhanced accountability and communication
  3. Consistent and compliant services delivered globally
  4. Standardized requisition and fulfillment processes
  5. Effective issue-resolution process
  6. Consistent support from the Adecco Group branch network
  7. Flexible, consolidated invoicing
  8. Significant time savings stemming from fewer invoicing concerns
  9. Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) by engaging temporary workers and contractors
  10. Effective management of SOW-related work that kept rates competitive and resulted in 60% cost savings

For more information on how we can optimize your workforce management program—in one country or across the globe—please contact your Adecco representative today.

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