Five hiring tips for warp-speed recruiting

Learn the best (and most innovative) ways to recruit in the modern world.


Over the years, a variety of recruitment techniques and strategies have emerged, but the most dramatic changes have occurred during the past decade. With tech-friendly Millennials knee-deep in the workplace and younger generations coming up the ranks, recruiting and retention methods need to continue to evolve to stay relevant and effective. Our infographic below provides five valuable tips for finding the right hire in 2015 and beyond.

Infographic that shares the best and most innovative ways to recruit in the modern world.

Is your company mobile-friendly?

Three to five years ago, most people were using their smart phones—if they had a smart phone—for texting and emailing. Now, mobile technology is so pervasive, that 66% of internet browsing is now done on mobile devices. To stay competitive, companies need to focus their resources on creating mobile-friendly, responsive sites that are easy to view and navigate.

Beyond technology.

While it’s important to remember that your website or social media channels need to offer the best user experience possible, your company culture and branding could ultimately play the biggest role in your recruitment success.

Make sure that your company branding is accurate and positive – both online and off. Being honest about your company values and standards will help lead the right candidates to you.

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