Case Study: Adecco achieves sustainable cost savings for a global staff augmentation program

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Case Studies

A healthcare leader that provides innovative medical solutions for orthopedic surgeons and clinicians in more than 100 countries and has over $4 billion in annual revenue approached us for help with staffing augmentation.

We were intimately familiar with the challenge they faced—the company needed to improve company-wide efficiencies that are directly related to their temporary workforce. They even started an internal “Innovate &s; Improve Program” that had the following goals:

  • Drive simplification
  • Generate cost savings
  • Increase productivity
  • Generate continuous improvement benefits
  • Improve operating efficiency
  • Allocate resources to aggressively reinvest in growth drivers

What the company’s leaders quickly learned, is that it would be more cost-effective and less time-consuming for them to partner with us. In fact, the company severed ties with their former staffing supplier, which was not meeting expectations, before signing on with us.

Building and Executing a Plan

One thing was immediately clear—we had to show measureable progress for each of the above goals. Every component of our plan was centered on those goals.

The first step was designing a comprehensive contingent workforce program for 11 client locations across the nation that provided staffing for manufacturing, research and development, sales, marketing and other professional positions.

To improve operational processes and empower the client to focus on other business priorities, we implemented a hybrid managed services strategy that aggregated various contingent labor suppliers across all categories and established a project management office at the client’s headquarters. Furthermore, we opened a light industrial staffing branch at the client’s corporate office and deployed Beeline’s vendor management system for full “req-to-check” visibility.

Altogether, the plan provided the client with various cost-savings and operations efficiencies, along with a more talented contingent workforce. And we are continuing to optimize the plan as the relationship matures.

Summarizing the Success

We delivered the following measureable achievements, which can all be tied to the client’s original goals:

  • Established new service level agreements
  • Built active supplier management program with over 30 suppliers
  • Attained 100% order fulfillment for all roles, including highly specialized skills
  • Realized consistent cost savings of over 10% each year since the program’s inception
  • Reduced turnover to less than 10%

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