Payrolling Services

You know great candidates, but you don’t have time to manage them. Let us do the work.


At Adecco, we want to help our clients hire the best possible candidates for their needs. While a fair majority of those candidates come from our recruiters, occasionally our clients will present us with great potential hires.

When they do, our payrolling services save our clients the time and expense associated with onboarding and offboarding personnel.

How does the payrolling process work?

If you find a great candidate but are unable to hire him or her directly let your Adecco representative know. Tell us about pay rates, schedules and work hours, and we’ll do the rest:

  • The candidate will be required to complete our application process
  • We conduct all pre-employment requirements, including background checks and drug testing, employee eligibility checks, etc.
  • We track all time and attendance and issue paychecks

How else does payrolling save you money?

In addition to taking ownership of the time-consuming and potentially expensive hiring process, putting your candidates on our payroll establishes Adecco as the employer of record. Thus, we pay all necessary statutory costs and expenses, workers’ compensation and training and onboarding fees.

Protect yourself from misclassification

Do you have independent contractors on your team? Are you not sure? Then you may be at risk for penalties and fines from the IRS.

Fortunately, Adecco payrolling services can help you mitigate risks associated with independent contractors. Our solution covers all phases – evaluation, classification, education, training and management - so you are covered at all times.

Save yourself time and protect your company. Contact us to learn about our payrolling services.

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