As a procurement department leader, you are responsible for enhancing your company’s results. One of the best ways to do that is by enhancing your company’s workforce. However, with so many workforce management solutions to choose from, and with so many procurement staffing challenges to face, it can be difficult to select the right agency for your department. Our workforce solutions guide can help you make the right decision for you and your company — saving you time, money and headaches in the process.

What to consider when selecting a workforce solutions partner.

Your leadership team is counting on you and your procurement department to deliver results. You should expect the same from your staffing partner. That’s why asking for performance guarantees upfront is essential.

When wading into the supplier pool, be sure to assess whether or not potential partners can back up what they say. Tell potential partners to provide case studies, success stories and performance metrics to get a better understanding of their abilities and their track record. Ask for references whenever possible, preferably from clients in your industry. And, most importantly, make sure you receive detailed reports of daily performance and success versus established Service Level Agreements to ensure the quality of the workforce management solutions you receive.

Guarantees are just one thing to consider when searching for a procurement recruitment partner. For more tips you can use, download our workforce solutions guide today.

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