The first year of the new administration is complete, and this final quarter of the year brought significant legislative changes. Sweeping reforms to the corporate tax code are effective January 1st, but how much will that change the hiring plans of American companies? Will there be a further drop in the unemployment rate?

Speaking of the unemployment rate, it ended the year at a steady 4.1%. Jobs are being added across a wide variety of sectors – but not always at the clip expected. Just like Q3 of 2017, extreme weather on the east coast will likely have an effect on the numbers in construction, leisure and hospitality and other industries. To see the latest monthly breakdown of the employment situation, see our Job Market Update here.

We aren’t just thinking out loud here -  we’ve asked our economic experts to weigh on what they think is most likely to occur in Q1 of 2018. From tax reform to healthcare uncertainty, take a look at the report to see our predictions for this quarter.

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