Case study on how Adecco reduced call center turnover for a client.

While the tangible and intangible costs of turnover can be sky-high, identifying the most qualified candidates can reverse a company’s losses.

Case Studies

The cost of employee turnover has been estimated at up to 300% of an employee’s annual salary, depending on their role and their pay. However, while the monetary cost of replacing employees earning a lower wage is certainly less than replacing en executive, the true cost is almost immeasurable when you factor in the time and effort it takes to onboard and train new people, lost productivity, the impact on morale of other employees, and mistakes made by the newer, inexperienced employees. These mistakes can be especially costly when they’re being made by employees in customer support and call center roles.

So, when a long-term Adecco client, a leading American cruise line, was experiencing turnover in excess of 60% in its call center, it was a cause for major concern.

At the time, we were not yet servicing that department and the client felt that their internal processes for screening and placing candidates into certified vacation planner roles were contributing to the high turnover rate. Needing to mitigate the potential risks of this exceptionally high 60% rate in these mission-critical roles, the client partnered with our team to curb the turnover.

Overturning Turnover Through More Qualified Candidates

At Adecco, our dedicated team quickly determined that the client needed an enhanced qualification process. We moved quickly to design a customized candidate testing program focused on identifying and hiring candidates whose experience and characteristics were a more ideal match for the job requirements.

This testing program included questions and scenarios customized for the client’s needs across components such as:

  • Job-fit profile test (a recognized tool to reduce voluntary turnover)
  • In-bound sales assessment (soft sales, consultative)
  • Voice Advantage screening (virtual interview delivered online or via dial-in process)
  • Prescreening questionnaire (text-based, oral, video, or a combination of media)
  • Voice capture (provides ability to analyze candidate’s voice for presentation tone, vocal clarity, speech/grammar, listening skills, and more)

Our recruiters were able to review responses online, and share them internally or with our client’s hiring managers. Through the analysis of the results, they could benchmark candidates against top-performing incumbent employees and create profiles of the most successful and qualified vacation planners.

Initial Success Led To Future Investments

Our team moved more than 250 candidates through the augmented screening process, eventually identifying and placing the requested 15 best-match hires in our first class.

Thanks to this enhanced screening and placement process, that first class has had 0% turnover and the client has experienced a significant upswing in sales as a result of the superior soft-selling skills of these new associates. The client was so pleased with the results that they placed orders for two more classes of 35 temporary associates, as well as a class of 65 virtual representative associates (direct placement positions).

While the tangible and intangible costs of turnover can be sky-high, the ability to effectively identify the most qualified candidates can reverse a company’s losses—and enhance their profitability.