Vocational skills - skilled trades are in demand as boomers retire

Many industries and high-demand skilled trades are dominated by the baby boomer generation. What their retirement will mean for the next generation of workers.


The baby boomer generation is known for their hard work and industriousness. The problem is, as they grow older, younger generations aren’t following in their career footsteps. As baby boomers begin to cash in their retirement, who will be there to fill in the gaps? Our new infographic provides insight on which skilled trade jobs will feel the most impact from baby boomer retirement and how to ensure these gaps are filled.


The gap is only getting bigger. Not only does this include the 31 million positions that will be left vacant by 2020 – but it also includes the skills gap that generations X and Y will need to overcome. The best ways to move forward may be to:

  • Better educate and train today’s generations in these specialized areas
  • Provide incentives for going into these areas of study and/or work
  • Tap into underutilized talent pools, such as vocational schools
  • The most difficult task at hand will be to find skilled workers who are ready and able to sweep in to fill these open roles when the time comes.

If you happen to be a part of the 74% of firms predicting an imminent need for skilled talent, Adecco is here to help fill your skills gap. The recruiters at Adecco USA have the resources, experience, and proven history of success within these sectors to make them the perfect match for your hiring needs. From heavy industrial to light industrial and engineering to technology, our staff is well versed in recruiting for high-demand skilled labor positions and we have a growing talent pool across the country.

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