Webinar: Using social media as a recruiting tool

Social media is an effective way to target, engage and hire talented job candidates in 2015.


The U.S. unemployment rate is below 6% for the first time since the recession. Furthermore, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 57 million new job hires over the last year—a 4.5% increase over the previous year. This boost in hiring creates a shifting workforce—a candidate-driven market where the workforce has more leverage than employers. Candidates can now be more selective and only take jobs if they’re significant career upgrades, creating a hypercompetitive arena for companies looking to hire.

Using social media for recruiting is a proven way for companies to combat this shift and find qualified job candidates, but it must be approached with a thoughtful strategy.

Our webinar provides you a foundation for using social media as a recruitment tool. Our presenters, both experienced corporate leaders and experts in social media, will review:

The Job-Seeker Journey

  • How job-seekers now search for jobs like retail products
  • How important company culture is to job-seekers

Establishing a strong presence with your personal brand

  • Where your audience is—an exploration of different networks
  • Making the right connections and developing a following

Using social media as a sourcing tool

  • Planning a strategy for 2015
  • Implementing best practices for social recruiting

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