Statement of Work (SOW) solution leads to work product efficiencies

The Client: Global automotive manufacturer

Case Studies

The Challenge

Our client was seeking to reduce headcount and wanted to transition to a more efficient contingent labor model. The client wanted to move from a decentralized staffing model utilizing multiple suppliers, to a project- and deliverable-based model to manage their technical writing work product staffing needs. After considering all supplier options, the client chose to transition to a statement of work (SOW) program managed by Adecco, an already proven supplier in their current program, with the footprint and presence to manage their new program.

The Strategy and Solution

Adecco has maintained a global relationship with this client for six years and currently supports various client business lines. A specialty division of Adecco Engineering & Technology, Adecco Design Technical Services (DTS), was leveraged to provide an off-site solution where Adecco DTS would review all of the client’s work packages and perform a technical writing analysis. Initially, two full-time project managers with prior experience working with our client were assigned.

From there, Adecco DTS supplemented program support by hiring several technical writers trained by our project managers on how to successfully complete the project deliverables. Our DTS team was granted access to the client’s web-based information system, allowing them the ability to pull the work in queue and manage all aspects of each package to completion. Collaborative draft management between our team and our client was crucial to the completion of each project.

Key components of Adecco’s SOW program:

  • Leased space to house the team providing the off-site solution
  • Skilled contract writers, with a combined 16 years of experience, capable of creating every type of document provided by the client’s information management (IM) team including service bulletins, service manuals, operator’s manuals, bodybuilder bulletins and the five quality related document types – technical parts information, field service bulletins, service programs, safety recalls and fleet service letters
  • Internal audit process ensuring Adecco consistently meets compliance and ethics standards

Dedicated project managers:

  • Make recommendations on which client employees are assets to the operation
  • Participate in meetings to help guide and train new client employees to understand the potential concerns that could arise during completion of project deliverables


As a result of Adecco’s off-site SOW solution, our client realized the following benefits:

Reduced headcount and cost:

  • Adecco’s team of cross-functionally trained consultants possessed the skills to handle a greater variety of projects, decreasing the need for additional headcount.
  • In a traditional staffing model, each department would have carried additional headcount to manage workflow fluctuations.

Pay when satisfied:

  • Our client pays following the completion of each month’s deliverables. This billing method controls project costs and ensures timely project completion.

Thought leadership:

  • Adecco facilitated weekly meetings, occasionally conducted at our off-site location, to provide guidance, discuss deliverables and make suggestions on each project phase.

Supplier consolidation:

  • Client’s overall supplier base streamlined from 19 vendors to just three key suppliers.

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