[Infographic] The One Job Factor Needed to Hire & Retain Your Millennial Employees


Keeping your Millennial workforce happy in today’s job market is easier said than done. While unemployment remains low, your company is expected to keep Millennials’ number one job factor in mind if you want to improve productivity and retention. What is that top job factor you ask? It’s pay.

We placed lots of work-related insights from the The Levo Institute and other sources in our infographic below, and it turns out, the primary thing you must do to keep members of this generation working for your company longer is pay higher. Money talks… even to Millennials!

Although there are all sorts of stereotypes about this generation (entitled, less loyal, etc.), remember the following: They lived through a major recession, they’re educated, they have student loan debt, and many of them are parents. Earning competitive wages is at the forefront of their minds, and your company should compensate Millennials well.

Get the full story by viewing the stats in our infographic below!

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