Do companies understand and deliver what people are really looking for in their jobs?

We surveyed more than 500 executives/members of the C-Suite to discover their strategies for winning over new employees, retaining productive workers, and, ultimately, helping people find happiness at work. We learned that most companies aimed to foster a positive work environment in the hopes of engaging successful employees.

We also looked for the other perspective, asking more than 1,000 American workers questions around valuable topics such as how they decide where to apply, what they expect during the interview process, how their employers can best support them, and what would keep them at one company long term.

Together, the responses we received help us determine where America's companies and America's workers are on the same page, and where they're not.

Why is this report important?

We’re living—and working—in a time of great legislative, social, cultural, political, and economic change. On top of that, unemployment is low, the workforce is aging, and the current job market belongs to candidates.

So, how do all these factors impact today’s workers and workplaces?

In this report, we share important trends in the behavior, habits and expectations of the people who make up today's workforce. And, maybe most importantly, we cover how you can successfully use these insights to navigate today's labor market, enhance processes, and drive revenue.

Explore this proprietary data by age group, gender and industry, listen to what today’s employees and job seekers have to say, then see which proven strategies you can apply to attract, hire, retain, and engage the best talent.

Today's workforce is evolving, expecting more from their employers. Learn how other companies are reacting—and how your company can react—in order to build your best workforce yet.