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  • An analysis of our survey data, including what it means for you.
  • Insight into how to attract and retain talented young professionals
  • How Millennials and Generation Z search for jobs, and what they expect from their first jobs.
  • Specific action items you can take back to your team.

If you haven’t heard yet, hear now, Millennials and Gen Z are coming to an office near you.

As these young professionals enter the workforce, it is important to understand how their dynamic will affect your company culture. For many companies, asking Millennials and Gen Z questions about their attitudes and lifestyle can be an awkward process. That’s why we’ve done it for you.

Young adults are morphing into young professionals and the way they think, live, act and work are going to have major impacts on the marketplace. We are on a mission to understand how Gen Now (a term for Millennials and Gen Z) feel about the world of work. So we launched our annual survey, collecting responses from 1,004 U.S. college students and recent graduates between the ages of 18-24.

It’s crucial that you understand Gen Now’s differences as they come into play within your organization.

So many employers are eager to hire the best and brightest talent, without understanding who it is they are targeting. Gen Now has a lot to bring to the table and our eBook offer unique insight into working with them, including, tactics you can use to attract and retain the best young talent.

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