The competition for skilled technical professionals is intensifying, and companies are paying the price. The average time to fill a position has gone up and average cost of hiring an employee is on the rise. This is especially true with niche staffing providers — where a typical charge markup can be as much as 80 percent for in-demand positions.

But without a niche recruitment agency's expertise, how can a company expect to find the staffing services to fill their needs? Our free guide answers this in detail — helping you evaluate your need for a global staffing company like Adecco.

Selecting the staffing company that meets your requirements.

In the Adecco Recruiting ROI Guide, we help you answer these five questions:

  • Is my talent acquisition team able to focus on all their open reqs — especially the tough ones?
  • How much does it really cost my business to fill each req?
  • Is my team making the right hires?
  • Am I overspending for “niche” recruiting?
  • Can I actually see my recruiting ROI?

If you want to generate staffing efficiency, work with the staffing experts. At Adecco, we maintain specialized recruiting teams in fields such as engineering and technology, medical and science, and creative and marketing to deliver niche expertise without the niche rates.

Plus, as the world’s largest global staffing company, we set the standard for recruiting processes across the planet, while continually setting the bar for recruiting speed and ROI. We can also show you how we generate efficiencies and lower your cost per hire with detailed reporting and a variety of workforce initiatives — a level of visibility many other agencies can’t provide.

We're dedicated to your success.

Today can be the beginning of a mutually successful business partnership. Our guide can help you find out if your needs and our services align — as well as provide some excellent insights on the current state of niche recruiting.

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