Hiring veterans without four-year degrees

Veterans have a distinct advantage in the workplace, so learn why your company might be missing out on this top talent.

A smiling individual in military fatigues in a wheelchair sits at a table with a laptop on it.

When resilience and adaptability are more in-demand than ever, military veterans should have a distinct advantage. However, they still remain underemployed in the US.

While overall unemployment is falling in the United States, veteran underemployment persists at as much as 15.6% higher than among the civilian population, suggesting that employers are grossly undervaluing the skills honed through military service and missing out on a uniquely qualified talent pool.

But there are simple steps employers can take to get more veterans on staff. 

In this paper, we examine:

  • Challenges veterans face in the workforce
  • Why employers should consider dropping four-year degree requirements
  • Simple steps to hire and retain excellent veteran talent

At Adecco, we're making the future work for everyone.  We believe in elevating veterans for their talent, qualifications, and work ethic – as well as their service. We've seen the exceptional benefits veterans bring to the workplace, and through the Adecco Military Alliance, we're committed to helping veterans and their spouses propel forward in their careers.


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