How a dedicated Program Manager eliminated our client’s compliance risks and saved them staffing costs

Case Study: Providing exceptional service that result in exceptional cost savings.

Case Studies

Our client is a prominent women’s retail clothing chain. Over their thirty-year history, their creative designs and patterns have put them at the forefront of ingenuity and have directly correlated to their success. Unfortunately, their staffing efforts had fallen behind the latest trends.

Their HR and procurement departments had little visibility into how each of their brands were securing and utilizing their contingent workforce, making them more susceptible to risks involving co-employment, tenure, compliance and 1099 verification.

Their decentralized program also significantly increased costs, as there was little insight into contracts, pricing agreements, pay rates, usage and other important service level agreements (SLAs). Most concerning, our client had doubts about the quality of candidates they were receiving, especially among their creative and design talent—key to their sense of style.

The Custom Approach

We were awarded a contract to manage the contingent staffing for our client’s clerical, industrial and IT positions. Additionally, as part of the overall program, our Creative & Marketing (C&M) division, became our client’s primary source for creative talent and began managing the existing creative suppliers. Skill sets provided under the expanded program include:

  • Product development
  • Design marketing
  • Web production
  • Copy writing
  • Fit modeling
  • Fashion design

We also appointed a dedicated client program manager (CPM) to sit on-site at the client’s headquarters responsible for streamlining the requisition process and managing travel and relocation budgets. Our CPM worked to:

  • Develop and manage travel and relocation program for non-local associates, including 75% of the creative talent
  • Recruit full-time creative talent in the New York City area willing to relocate to the client’s headquarters
  • Customize orientation and onboarding program for creative associates
  • Customize reporting

The Custom Results

As the exclusive supplier for all creative talent, we have successfully recruited over 40 new associates for the client’s headquarters; more than 80% relocated from New York.
Specific benefits realized by our client include:

  • Significantly higher quality of creative talent
  • Reduction in cost and increased efficiencies due to the consolidation of suppliers
  • Increased communication and collaboration thanks to our onsite presence
  • Improved compliance and controls
  • Increased visibility and reporting

Due to our successful program execution, our client has approved our C&M division to act as a primary resource for their direct hire opportunities. We partner with their talent acquisition team to help identify new candidates, as well as associates currently on assignment, who are qualified for permanent positions.

For more information about how we can become your primary talent resource today, contact us here.

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