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When comparing staffing options, there are numerous agencies that you may turn to for next steps. When faced with options, it is important to understand the key differences between agencies and have a clear idea of your own desired outcomes. Below are few steps to take to make sure that you select the proper staffing provider for your company’s needs.

Do the provider’s options align with your needs?

Assessing what your company is looking for in a hiring partner is the first step in determining the ideal staffing provider relationship. A few key factors can distinguish one staffing provider from another. Determine if the agencies you are considering offer these key benefits and services: onsite management, customized services, the capability to serve large volume requests, proper skills training and onboarding support, benefits to their temporary associates, a proven track record in the industry, etc. Each offering can save your company time, money, and successful management of these services will guarantee a stronger return on investment.

Will the staffing network match my talent needs?

Avoid staffing agencies that only provide niche services. Typically, these networks are much smaller and only provide suitable employees for highly specialized, focused areas - and even then, there are far less backgrounds that staffing specialists are able to choose from, diminishing your company’s odds at finding an ideal match. Finding an agency with a larger network and multiple focus areas tends to meet the needs of most clients. Additionally, larger networks allow the agency to explore candidates of varying backgrounds who have transferrable skills and aren’t limited to a specific skill set. Moreover, in today’s difficult job market, staffing professionals take on anywhere between 20 and 40 requisitions at a given time. Companies are more likely to have each request get the proper amount of attention and energy by working with larger networks and staffing agencies with more bandwidth. Relying on a multi-faceted staffing organization ensures a level of consolidation that makes the hiring process much easier for companies. Through their proactive recruiting efforts, branches have pipelines of candidates they are keeping warm to be ready and prepared to meet the client’s needs immediately. Having access to talented employees across multiple disciplines and industries generally has long-term benefits and offers a consistent relationship for your company’s staffing needs.

Understand your timeline and how it lines up with staffing agencies

For many companies, staffing needs can begin and end abruptly—and it isn’t always easy to plan for. Hiring staff quickly and efficiently can easily become the top goal for many employers. When efficiency becomes a factor for companies, it is crucial to consider a larger network and agency altogether. Quick hiring out of a smaller niche agency is much more difficult and generally more challenging to find the right skill set for the job. Ultimately, working with a larger agency also ensures that your agency relationships will have consistent awareness for other positions your company is hoping to hire for, fostering a constant communication channel and ensuring that highly skilled candidates don’t find employment without first being considered by your company.

Expect transparency from a staffing agency

The world of staffing, payroll, and HR is a difficult one to navigate - but any support or input from agencies shouldn’t mystify the process any further; rather, it should only help clarify and bolster your own decisions as a company by providing a new level of understanding. A transparent staffing company offers this type of understanding and won’t hide any of the soft costs that can be difficult to see - and plan for. These costs may include disruptions in operations or productivity, increases in workload, low team morale, etc. Seek out an agency that guarantees a return on investment and provides clear information throughout the process. For example, make sure that the agency:

  • Provide clear offerings and commitments
  • Makes sure pricing is understood
  • Takes additional time to go over contracts to ensure the client understands the level of service they will be receiving

Seek a solid ROI from agencies

Finally, ensure that any staffing agency you consider has established methods to demonstrate and authenticate the return on your investment. Consider how agencies report metrics differently and consider how those metrics will benefit your company altogether. Transparent agencies tend to boast a much stronger ROI record; consistent reporting back to the client generally provides valuable information and validation for the route taken. Other strong indicators of an expected ROI include the many benefits that larger agencies, in particular, can offer: longevity in the industry, additional hands-on management, onboarding services, personal client relationships, more robust benefits and retention offerings to their employees and sound reporting.

Working with the right agency will make your overall hiring strategy and timeline much more efficient - and your future employees will provide a stronger return on your investments. The right agency should always bring transparency to the hiring process and a strong ROI. Look for agencies with a robust network, the ability to provide personalized guidance, and seek out staffing agencies that guarantee transparency throughout the relationship.

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