All companies want to reduce their staffing costs. But for many, just figuring out what those staffing costs are can be a challenge. That’s because maverick spend – staffing expenditures that occur outside of established workforce compliance guidelines – makes it nearly impossible to understand how much is being spent, what it’s being spent on and what you can do to increase your staffing ROI.

The best way to combat rogue spending is to work with an experienced staffing agency to implement an enterprise staffing model that ensures consistency in pricing, procedures, quality and more. Explore all of the benefits of selecting the right staffing partner in our new white paper, “How to better control staffing costs.”

Don’t fall victim to maverick spend excuses.

There are many reasons why hiring managers and operational leads will venture outside of established workforce compliance rules and guidelines. However, none of these reasons are worth the risk – to your budget, productivity or security.

Every time someone in your organization works with an unvetted vendor, your organization is exposed to out-of-control costs and fees as well as improperly sourced, screened and classified workers. Perhaps even more alarming, maverick spend makes it difficult to keep track of who is coming into and out of your building at any given time, putting your physical and intellectual property at risk.

There’s no excuse for exposing your company to the challenges of maverick spend. But there is a solution for overcoming it. In our new white paper, we explore the benefits of developing an enterprise staffing solution and offer tips you can use to select the right staffing partner and ensure program buy-in throughout your organization.

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