Hybrid master vendor program offers comprehensive governance

Case Study: An efficient and streamlined approach to your staffing challenges.

Case Studies

The Challenge

Adecco’s client was seeking a strategic partner with the ability to offer centralized staffing support to include:

  • Formalized protocols
  • Streamlined screening, hiring and invoicing processes
  • Visibility into operating results and trends, including overall spend
  • Focus on assisting the client with cost control and ensuring compliance with banking regulations

Adecco delivered a customized hybrid master vendor program (MVP) solution.

The Strategy and Solution

Adecco’s hybrid MVP combines the vendor neutrality elements of an MSP program with the vendor-accountability elements of our MVP. Under this customized hybrid MVP, Adecco was granted exclusivity for all general staffing positions and then managed and distributed the remaining positions under a vendor neutral model. Non-exclusive positions, in this instance, technical positions, were released simultaneously to a pre-determined list of approved staffing providers. Adecco provided governance across the entire program, spanning 45 U.S. client locations.

Our implementation and service plan focused on:

  • Managing the transition process to avoid business disruption
  • Optimizing the existing supplier base by establishing a core group of high-performing suppliers
  • Standardizing processes across the program
  • Training the client on a procurement tool that seamlessly integrated into their back-office system


Through Adecco’s hybrid MVP model, significant results were realized:

Cost Controls:

  • Rogue suppliers were eliminated as over 100 were consolidated into 18 (including 12 Tier 2 suppliers for niche positions)
  • 91% fill rate during implementation and 99.8% fill rate today


  • Turnover rates decreased to 4.91%

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Contract monitoring to ensure 100% compliance with service, insurance and indemnity requirements
  • Adecco provides proactive thought leadership (i.e. white papers, workplace economy reports, etc.) to ensure client is continuously informed regarding regulatory changes

For more information on how we can optimize your workforce management program—in one country or across the globe—please contact your Adecco representative today.

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