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Every year, U.S. companies pay millions of dollars to the IRS for incorrectly classifying and managing workers. Sometimes, this misclassification is intentional. However, for a far majority of businesses, it is the result of misinformation and misunderstanding. That’s because the rules governing independent contractors are extremely complex and constantly changing.

This mistake could prove costly.

Each instance of unintentional worker misclassification costs companies an average of 11-12.5 percent of that worker’s annual salary, plus interest.

If you don’t want to take on the risks – and expenses – of misclassification, we can help.

Adecco’s dedicated compliance team works directly with our clients to mitigate risks associated with their existing independent contractor workforces, and it helps manage the classification process for all future hires. We have helped hundreds of clients avoid potential penalties, fines, litigation and loss of consumer trust.

Our services and process includes:

  • A detailed evaluation of all existing workers
  • A thorough review of all paperwork and documentation
  • Detailed recommendations, backed up by specific details and action plans, for each worker
  • Continuous compliance training for client leadership
  • Ongoing compliance tracking and reporting
  • Timesheet management
  • Payroll processing and payroll management (tax deductions, remittance, reporting, etc.)
  • Tax processing and reporting
  • W-2 year-end processing

We are here to protect you from the dangers of independent contractor misclassification. To learn more, contact Adecco today.

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