Understanding pre-employment drug testing

Having a fast and efficient hiring process can be the key to getting workers hired quickly while maintaining a safe and compliant workplace.

Did you know, nearly 24% of candidates are lost every four hours they are not made an offer?

With today's competitive market and new regulations, now may be the time to reconsider your pre-employment screening process and explore what works best for your company. Having a fast and efficient hiring process can be the key to getting workers hired quickly while maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

Navigating more complex laws

Recently, New York City adopted a two-step hiring process: Drug testing results must be completed before we can initiate any background screens, which lengthens the time to fill positions by 1-2 days. Plus, New York is already one of many states that have legalized marijuana use. The growing variation of these regulations continues to make drug testing for pre-employment more complex to manage.

Customer snapshot

Operating high-volume call centers, our customer regularly needs additional staffing support during its multiple peak seasons. That’s in addition to maintaining headcount throughout the year to keep up production and service standards. As a global nonprofit company in the education sector (and one of our largest customers), this organization faced challenges that included candidates dropping out of the hiring process and a dismal number of on-time starts. With monthly fill rates ranging from 66 to 73%, we worked with our customer to change their hiring process and eliminate drug screens. 

Find the right solution with Adecco

We know that drug testing is still needed for safety-sensitive roles and government requirements. However, traditional methods, such as urinalysis drug tests, mean longer processing times and delayed results. With Adecco, you can save time and money by moving to instant urinalysis at a lab or oral swab testing, where legally permissible.

Contact your Adecco representative today to discuss options available with respect to pre-employment testing.

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