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The best route to great driver jobs

See how working with a staffing agency can lead you to top driver jobs.


Looking for driver jobs? Sure, you could apply and work directly for a carrier, but what if your carrier no longer suits your needs or lifestyle? What if you are ready to have someone focus on your path – your career path – for a change?

We're specialists in placing drivers.

Adecco is the first global staffing agency to have a function specializing in the transportation industry and focusing on you, the truck driver. Our business is not moving freight; our business is helping you land that next great driver job and improving your career. Want to know how we can help you?

  • There is never a fee to you, the truck driver, for our services.
  • We work with hundreds of quality companies who come to us to help them find qualified drivers. There is no need for you to drive around looking for driver jobs ...the jobs come to us and to you.
  • Adecco has hundreds of branches across the U.S. – that’s more than any other staffing agency with a transportation focus. If you’re ready to relocate, we can transfer your records to your new location
  • We can help you find only those positions that interest you, so there’s no wasting time or effort.
  • With Adecco you will be given all the specifics of the job before you start, including what is expected, pay, hours of operation, safety orientation and more.
  • Our transportation professionals will work hard to find you a job that fits your schedule and future needs.
  • We offer extensive job benefits, including preventative medical, dental, vision, life insurance, 401(k) and direct deposit.
  • We have positions that pay hourly, as well as by mileage and trip charges.

Our opportunities change daily, so browse our driver jobs now or contact your local Adecco representative today to learn more about the transportation jobs in your market.