Co-employment—a circumstance in which a worker has simultaneous employment relationships with two or more employers for one work situation—provides employers with a number of flexible and efficient options to fill their staffing needs. However, co-employment also presents a variety of challenges that are important for you and your organization to understand and address to avoid any potential legal complications.

Co-employment: recognize the risks and reap the benefits.

In our white paper, “Managing the challenges of co-employment,” we explore this multifaceted and crucial issue to help you reap the benefits of co-employment while mitigating the complexities. Topics we cover include:

  • The latest on government regulation of worker misclassification
  • Understanding and mitigating co-employment risks, pre- and post-hire
  • How working with a third party, such as a staffing agency, can take the burden of co-employment off of your organization

Get invaluable advice for an effective co-employment strategy

In our post-recession economy, many employers are seeking more flexibility with their workforces by hiring a mix of part-time, contract and seasonal employees through third-party staffing agencies. While these co-employment arrangements do present certain risks, these risks are manageable and can be overcome to make co-employment a highly effective hiring solution.

Our “Managing the challenges of co-employment” white paper offers invaluable advice for understanding these risks and establishing a successful relationship with a third-party staffing agency that allows you to focus on managing your business while mitigating any legal risk associated with co-employment.

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